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           Tasmanian Club de Tango Inc.

                                                                 Promoting Argentine Tango & Folklore in Tasmania.  

Association number: IA09214 - ABN: 23 144 706 568   

Statement of purpose:  

The Tasmanian Club de Tango is a Hobart based non-profit organization endeavoured to share and promote authentic Argentine Tango & Folklore in Tasmania.

  About the Club:

The Tasmanian Club de Tango was founded by Fernando Della Pasqua whose passion for the dance and energy has been the driving force that has made a Tango club in Hobart a reality.

His inspiration, style and teachings are still well alive, helping the club to grow and prosper even after his departure for far away lands.

Tasmania was “christen” with Argentine tango in August 2001, when visiting Argentine tango dancers Christian Drogo & Kristina Diaz offered a public performance with “La Cumparsita”, one Saturday afternoon at  Hobart Salamanca Markets.

From then on, and driven by the inspiration and encouragement of Christian and Kristina, Hobart began to give the first basic steps in Argentine tango. “Tango Bar” formed in 2003 and Hobart’s first milongas were held in July at South Hobart’s Badminton Centre. These milongas were anything but crowded, with a “maximum crowd” of two…but as it takes two to tango, we never gave up.  As numbers grew, more floor space was needed (as well as more coffee and wine!), so we moved to “The Venue” then to “Cow” and now finally at the Italian Club, the “home of tango” in Hobart. 

The Tasmanian Club de Tango is the first of its kind in the state and is driven by people volunteering time and energy to promote authentic Tango Argentino in a social atmosphere. We believe and are committed as a club in making the passion of Argentine tango available to everyone non-profitably, and as we grow, this vision is shared more and more. We became established as a Club on April 19, 2004 and hosted the first Hobart Tango Festival.  

Check out our calendar for coming function & events. We also offer free performances to charities and other fundraising events. For more information please contact the club, committee members, or just turn up to any of our regular functions.


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